Return Policy

We hope you are happy with the items you purchased at Story, but if for some reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, there's no problem! You can return any item, free of charge, as long as it is unused, no damage has been caused to it and the label is still attached.


How do you return an item? Send us an email to: [email protected] with your order number, details of the item you wish to return and the reason. We will contact you within two business days and coordinate to collect the returned item and deliver the new item you select in its place.

Please note: the returned items must be returned to the courier in the original Story cardboard box within which they were shipped.

Items can be returned within 14 days from their delivery. If requested, we will fully refund your purchase and there will be no cancellation fees. The service is limited to three consecutive returns.

Your refund will be transferred within 14 days after Story Online receives your returned item, in accordance with the guidelines provided by credit card companies. The refund will be made under the same conditions in which the original transaction was committed (if paid in installments, the refund will also be made in installments).

Please note:
* for PayPal purchases money reimbursement can only be made through the online store.
* Items purchased on sale can be returned within 5 business days only.
For any further inquiries please contact us either by phone: 03-9112316 or by email: [email protected]

Supply and Delivery

The items you purchased will be delivered to you by courier within 8 business days (The day of order is not considered a business day).The delivery will be sent to the address you entered in your order (subject to the distribution regions of courier company Aviv Shigur). Orders from locations outside the company's delivery regions will be sent via registered mail.

Please note:

* Deliveries are made on Sundays to Thursdays, between 8AM to 6PM. For fast and efficient delivery, please enter the address at which you will be available during these times (home address / work, etc.).

** Return / exchange of products in our stores will be approved once we return to full operations, and up to 30 dayss.

* Make sure that the telephone number provided upon purchase is updated so that we can effectively coordinate the delivery time.

* Story Online works with external shipping companies and therefore takes no responsibility for delays associated with these companies. You can contact us regarding any inquiries and problems at [email protected] or by phone at 03-9112316. We guarantee to do everything we possibly can to help solve your problem as fast as possible.


For any further inquiries please contact us